How to win playing roulette in a casino

This web-site is dedicated to the Parlay System that is one of the most aggressive roulette playing systems. In fact, Parlay is one of the few roulette playing systems that lets a player impose his will on casino and make it play against him under higher risk circumstances.

Before we start describing and analyzing the Parlay System, let us launch into a small lyrical digression on another roulette playing system.

Martingale is probably the most famous roulette playing system. A lot of players seem to perceive the bet doubling after loss to be a tempting and success guaranteeing move. And in fact there is nothing simpler than that. Just think of it: you make a dollar bet on red. If you loose, then make a two dollar bet. If loose again, bet four dollars. And so on, and so onÖ until you win. Itís quite easy to count up that your winning in such a series of bets cover all your previous losses and brings you profit equal to 1 dollar. And that would have been good enough if casino would not restrict the maximum bet. As a rule, casino does not allow a player to double his bet more than 8 or 10 times. And when a player finds himself bound by the upper limit of bets, the Martingale system just collapses, bringing heavy damages to the player who is not able to double the bet while his accumulated losses has already become too big.

Players from different online casinos discuss Martingale system practically on all Internet forums dedicated to gambling games. To enlarge amount of players online casinos use Web advertising focused upon different target groups of web users. The said system (or, at least, its simplest version with endless doubling of bets) is unambiguously condemned by experienced players who try to warn novices against temptation to use it while being deceived by its simplicity and seemingly big chances to win.

But thatís enough about Martingale system. Our web-site is not about that.

So, what is the essence of the Parlay System?